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  1. Subject h.transplantácia
    Subject h.Transplantation
    Scope note in EnglishTransference of a tissue or organ from either an alive or deceased donor, within an individual, between individuals of the same species, or between individuals of different species.
    See also reference (FX) in Slovak testovanie histokompatibility
    darcovia živí
    transplantácia nádorov
    roztoky na konzerváciu orgánov
    transplantácia orgánov
    darcovia tkanív
    transplantácia tkanív
    príjemcovia transplantátov
    chiméra transplantačná
    imunológia transplantačná
    See also reference (FX) in English Histocompatibility Testing
    Living Donors
    Neoplasm Transplantation
    Organ Preservation Solutions
    Organ Transplantation
    Tissue Donors
    Tissue Transplantation
    Transplant Recipients
    Transplantation Chimera
    Transplantation Immunology
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