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neuromyelitis optica

  1. Subject h.neuromyelitis optica
    Subject h.Neuromyelitis Optica
    Entry termsneuromyelitída zrakového nervu
    Devicova choroba
    Devicova neuromyelitída zrakového nervu
    English X referencesDevic Disease
    Devic's Neuromyelitis Optica
    Scope note in EnglishA syndrome characterized by acute OPTIC NEURITIS; MYELITIS, TRANSVERSE; demyelinating and/or necrotizing lesions in the OPTIC NERVES and SPINAL CORD; and presence of specific autoantibodies to AQUAPORIN 4.
    See also reference (FX) in Slovak akvaporín 4
    See also reference (FX) in English Aquaporin 4
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