Help for DSD service

Delivery service of the documents - DSD

DSD is paid service providing users with possibility to request a delivery of selected documents via post or courier directly to home address or to the office. We believe that new DSD service will make document delivery easier and enable access to the interesting information for you mainly in cases when workload is high enough to disable personal visit to library. Requesting the documents is possible through the icon Delivery service of the documents, visible next to all records fulfilling the criteria for sending the original or a copy of an article or chapter.

What documents can you obtain?

  • documents from library supplies
  • free documents (not borrowed, not requested, nor reserved)
  • documents not constituting the inserted annex
  • articles from available journals
  • chapters of available books and text-books

How to use DSD service?

  1. You can log in entering the catalogue or you have the possibility of loging in after selection of DSD service.
  2. Enter the Search site, input your searching query and search.
  3. In the serching results:
    1. click the icon DSD next to the searched record concerning the document you want to be delivered,
    2. 2. if you want to use DSD service for more than one document you can insert your selected records into the basket. Then click the icon DSD next to each record.
  4. You are automatically redirected to the form with filled in document data (not changeable) and your contact data if recorded in your account.
  5. You can change your contact data. If contact data are not recorded in your account you have to add them.
  6. Choose the way of document delivery.
  7. You can add your prefered delivery time or any other message for librarians in the note.
  8. The selected date means the latest date of document delivery.
  9. Click SEND to send your data when the form is filled in.
  10. Click RETURN after sending and you come back to the particular site or the basket.
  11. If you are requesting book delivery create the electronic order by clicking the green icon, so the selected document becomes blocked for the other users.