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Hodgkinova choroba

  1. HesloHodgkinova choroba
    Heslo anglickyHodgkin Disease
    OdkazyHodgkinov lymfóm
    Hodgkinov granulóm
    granulóm malígny
    lymfogranulóm malígny
    Angl. X odkazyGranuloma, Hodgkin
    Granuloma, Malignant
    Hodgkin Lymphoma
    Lymphogranuloma, Malignant
    Vysvetľujúca pozn. v angl.A malignant disease characterized by progressive enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen, and general lymphoid tissue. In the classical variant, giant usually multinucleate Hodgkin's and REED-STERNBERG CELLS are present; in the nodular lymphocyte predominant variant, lymphocytic and histiocytic cells are seen.
    Pozri aj (FX) v slov. Reedove-Sternbergove bunky
    Pozri aj (FX) v angl. Reed-Sternberg Cells
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