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ichtyóza viazaná na chromozóm X

  1. Hesloichtyóza viazaná na chromozóm X
    Heslo anglickyIchthyosis, X-Linked
    Odkazyichtyóza viazaná na pohlavie
    choroba z deficitu steroid sulfatázy
    Angl. X odkazyIchthyosis, Sex-Linked
    Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency Disease
    Vysvetľujúca pozn. v angl.Chronic form of ichthyosis that is inherited as a sex-linked recessive trait carried on the X-chromosome and transmitted to the male offspring. It is characterized by severe scaling, especially on the extremities, and is associated with steroid sulfatase deficiency.
    Pozri aj (FX) v slov. sterylsulfatáza
    Pozri aj (FX) v angl. Steryl-Sulfatase
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