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  1. Subject h.endosonografia
    Subject h.Endosonography
    Entry termsechoendoskopia
    ultrasonografia endoskopická
    endoskopia ultrazvuková
    English X referencesEcho-Endoscopy
    Endoscopic Ultrasonography
    Endoscopy, Echo
    Endoscopy, Ultrasonic
    Ultrasonic Endoscopy
    Ultrasonography, Endoscopic
    Scope note in EnglishUltrasonography of internal organs using an ultrasound transducer sometimes mounted on a fiberoptic endoscope. In endosonography the transducer converts electronic signals into acoustic pulses or continuous waves and acts also as a receiver to detect reflected pulses from within the organ. An audiovisual-electronic interface converts the detected or processed echo signals, which pass through the electronics of the instrument, into a form that the technologist can evaluate. The procedure should not be confused with ENDOSCOPY which employs a special instrument called an endoscope. The "endo-" of endosonography refers to the examination of tissue within hollow organs, with reference to the usual ultrasonography procedure which is performed externally or transcutaneously.
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