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peptidy beta-amyloidné

  1. Heslopeptidy beta-amyloidné
    Heslo anglickyAmyloid beta-Peptides
    OdkazyAlzheimerov beta-proteín
    proteín amyloidný A4
    proteín beta-amyloidový
    beta-proteín amyloidový
    peptid beta-amyloidový
    amyloid AD-AP
    Angl. X odkazyAlzheimer beta-Protein
    Amyloid Protein A4
    Amyloid beta-Peptide
    Amyloid beta-Protein
    beta-Amyloid Protein
    Vysvetľujúca pozn. v angl.Peptides generated from AMYLOID BETA-PEPTIDES PRECURSOR. An amyloid fibrillar form of these peptides is the major component of amyloid plaques found in individuals with Alzheimer's disease and in aged individuals with trisomy 21 (DOWN SYNDROME). The peptide is found predominantly in the nervous system, but there have been reports of its presence in non-neural tissue.
    Pozri aj (FX) v slov. angiopatia cerebrálna amyloidná
    Pozri aj (FX) v angl. Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
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