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  1. NázovNeoplasma
    Podnázovjournal of experimental and clinical oncology
    Aut. údajeCancer Research Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
    Roč., čísloVol. 46 no. 6 (1999)
    OdkazyPERIODIKÁ-Súborný záznam periodika (0.0-)
    Cells producing recombinant retrovirus with thymidine kinase gene from Herpes simplex virus suitable for human cancer gene therapy (0.0-),
    Comparison of two non-anthracycline-containing regimens for elderly patients with diffuse large-cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma-possible pitfalls in results reporting and interpretation (0.0-),
    Flow cytometric analysis of some activation/proliferation markers on human thymocytes and their correlation with cell proliferation (0.0-),
    Flow cytometry of p53 protein expression in some hematological malignancies (0.0-),
    Heterogeneity of keratin intermediate filaments expression in human glioma cell lines (0.0-),
    Incidence of micronuclei in cytokinesis-blocked lymphocytes of medical personnel occupationally exposed to ultrasound (0.0-),
    Intraoperative irradiation-techniques and results (0.0-),
    Lack of correlation between repair of DNA interstrand cross-links and differential sensitivity of G0 and proliferating CD4+ lymphocytes towards cisplatin (0.0-),
    p53 status in breast carcinomas revealed by FASAY correlates well with p53 protein accumulation determined by immunohistochemistry (0.0-),
    Reduction of genotoxic effects in MNNG by butylated hydroxyanisole (0.0-),
    Reversal of carboplatin resistance in human laryngeal carcinoma cells (0.0-),
    Should researchers accept funding from the tobacco industry? (0.0-),
    7-ethoxyresorufin O-deethylase activity is not capable of reflecting the overall malignant potential of breast cancer tissue (0.0-)
    Status periodikaprijaté (28.10.1999)
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