Help for Request a copy DDS

Function allows to request copy of a document part. It is available after Login.

Click to link Request a copy DDS for display a form with basic information about document.

Fill in form

Rozsah (strany od-do)
It means the pages you want to get the copy from. Type this information as a range e.g. 8-12, or a list of numbers e.g. 8,10,15 or 8-12,30.
Platné do
The latest date for getting the copy. By this date you really want to get the copy because after this date the copy is not necessary for you anymore. If you do not type the date it will be added automatically considering the library rules for this service. If you are choosing a date from the calendar, there can be determined the earliest date that you can choose (for example the earliest date can be in a 7 days). It depends on the possibilities of the library to solve your request. The library could not be able to make copy and send it earlier than in 7 days - especially if the document is not in the library (all holdings are borrowed). This date is in your request displayed as a request validity date - after this date the request expires.
Spôsob doručenia
Choose from the list of possiblities for the delivery (via post, email, personally).
Formát kópie
Choose from the list of possibilities for a copy format.
Allows to enter a note for a copy request. This will be sent with the request to a librarian.

After creating and sending request, the document copy the request will be displayed in your account on page Loans, reservations, ….