Help for Library informs

We provide information blocks in the main menu concerning the up-to-date changes and limitations of the opening hours and the borrowings, the news and the interesting issues in offered services, the lists of journals and the most searched queries in catalogue. Our current offer can be amended in future with the other interesting information.

1. Limitations of the opening hours

The information block notifying you from time to time about the changes and limitations of the opening hours, about library closing during the holidays and in summer season as well as the extraordinary events. The block is activated 10 days in advance in case of such event.

2. Information about borrowings

The information block notifying you about potential limitations of the electronic service providing (blocking of the order forms, reservations and prolongations), about changes of dates for literature picking up, ets.

3. Do you know also these electronic services?

Selection of the most attractive library services with the references to detailed guide for the particular service – what it offers, how do I get to it, what can I do with it, the sequence of steps with pictures, etc.

4. Journals in our library supplies

There is a possibility for users to have a look into the library journal supplies through the selected list of journals and the special displaying format. Each journal title contains the following most important identification information:

  • call number,
  • short bibliographic description,
  • subscription years.

5. The most searched

The most searched queries in our online catalogue are automatically redirected into this block and they are differentiated by the size of their fonts. If any of the searched queries corresponds with your requirements you can simply click on it and you receive resulting records directly.